Spotlight on: Charlton Jubeark

One of two new CAN Advisory Directors, Charlton Jubeark attended George Mason University, but that's not where his CAN involvement began. This Louisiana native got a taste of the group through the LSU softball team.

How long have you been involved in CAN? And in what aspects?

My first participation with CAN started with playing in the CAN softball league with the LSU Tigers in Spring 2011.  As a native Louisianian, they are my first connection to Louisiana sports.  I played CAN softball with the LSU Tigers from 2011 until the end of the 2012 season. The majority of my time regarding CAN was participating in softball games but I also enjoyed many other CAN sponsored events like SEC charity nights and Wizards CAN nights to name a few. 
How have you been involved in your alumni club(s)?

I have been involved with my current George Mason team only since the spring of 2013.  
What made you decide to run for a position on the CAN board?

I wanted the opportunity to share in the growth of CAN and while hopefully filling a void in the leadership with my enthusiasm and desire to keep the organization going strong.  

 What is your favorite part of CAN? Your alumni club(s)?

My favorite part of CAN is the connection with other alumni organizations and the relationships made while participating in CAN events. 
How do you hope to leave your mark on the organization during your two-year term?

I would like to help the organization surpass previous membership numbers, assist with providing ways to run the organization as efficiently as ever.  Ultimately, I would like to provide a solid framework for future committee members to help run the organization as best as possible.   
How do you think CAN can best help its members?  How do you think you can best help CAN members?

I think CAN could be the missing link in reconnecting all alumni members with their alma maters and to foster each's schools mission to assist its alumni with job placement, networking, and business opportunities.  For my part, I hope to provide a reliable mentor to anyone interested in joining my field of cyber-security or to help anyone connect with the CAN leadership on a personal basis.
What else would you like people to know about you?

I am a Marine veteran of 11 years.  During my service, my primary job was in the IT field in addition to having served in 3 US Embassies during my active duty time. I am currently employed as a cyber security professional performing penetration testing (hacking) services for a US government organization.  Anyone interested in joining the field of cyber security can count on me as a resource.