Spotlight on: Vice President

CAN is looking for someone who is interested in running for the position of vice president. The position, which is also the chair of the Mark Tallarico Scholarship Committee, has been filled admirably by Rebecca Borghi (Pitt) for the last several years. CAN Insider caught up with her to find out what it means to be the CAN VP.

What duties does your position encompass?

The Vice-president serves as support to the president in managing the operation of the organization. The vice president assumes the president’s role, if needed. The V-P must work closely with the president on all aspects of the organization, overseeing the other board members and committee chairs. The V-P help to coordinate and manage inquiries about the organizations, works with new alumni groups looking to become involved with CAN, as well as providing current active CAN members with strategies and tools to assist them with building their individual alumni chapters.

What is the best part of being CAN vice president?

The best part of my role is my involvement with CAN in many different aspects of the organization as well as working with the different alumni organization that makes CAN the great multi faceted organization that it is. CAN provides a community of great people where you can share ideas and resources and foster friendships that can last forever.

Why should someone want to become VP?

Everyone has their own reasons for volunteering their time and effort to an organization. The reason I did, was to give back to an organization that had given so much to me over the years. I have been involved with CAN in some aspect (big and small) for 10+ years through various CAN events, service projects and sports teams. It means so much to be a part of a great group of individual that we can provide thousands of alumni from all different universities throughout the country a means to satisfy the social, networking, athletic and community service goals.

What is your favorite memory from your time in your position?

My favorite memory is working with on the Scholarship committee over the last three years. The V-P is the chair of the Mark Tallarico Scholarship Committee that annually awards funds to CAN Alumni Chapters to assist with their own scholarship initiatives. As a fundamental goal of alumni from our respective schools, I enjoy seeing how the other local DC alumni chapters are assisting other young man and women in going to college.

What are three words to describe the ideal candidate for your position?

All board members must work well with other, effectively communicate, and flexible to assist with different aspects of the organization as needed as you support the president and assume the responsibilities, if needed.

Anything else you think CAN members should know?

One of the main goals of CAN is to provide a network of alumni that can work together and provide support to each of the individual CAN alumni organizations. The support provides a means to resources and activities that promote social, community service, and educational opportunities and build a community.