Spotlight on: Assistant Sports Chair

CAN is looking for a new assistant sports chair. The ideal candidate is organized, has attention to detail, is diplomatic, and (most of all) loves sports. We caught up with current sports chair Pam Krieger to find out what it means to be an assistant sports chair.

What duties does your position encompass?

  • Locate, secure and schedule sport venues for over 185 teams in five sports.
  • Recruit commissioners to run each of five sport leagues.
  • Develop, approve and maintain rules and procedures for each league.
  • Establish and enforce procedures for each league.
  • Supervise commissioners investigating issues and rule on all disputes.
  • Manage the communications between the leagues and with the coaches.
  • Develop and publish team schedules for all sports.
  • Manage end of season tournaments for each sport including the largest tournament that involves over 1,500 players and spectators over a three-day period.
  • Develop, organize and publish information on social media outlets including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Maintain the Capital Alumni Network website.

What is the best part of being an assistant sports chair?

Being able to meet new people and some have become very good friends because of this. The chance to work with some people that you never would have otherwise always makes things fun as well. Also, to know that you are managing the best sports league in the DC area.

What are three words to describe the ideal candidate for your position?

1. Organized and attention to detail
Love of sports

Why should someone want to become assistant sports chair?

There’s so much to learn and do in this position that it can give you skills that you didn’t necessarily have before. There’s a lot of project management type skills when running the league.

Anything else you think CAN members should know about the position?

This is a volunteer position with a 2 year commitment and at times that scares folks away but the time goes by quickly. It’s pretty awesome to think that you had a hand in running the best league in the area.