Spotlight on: Stellenbosch

CAN was proud to partner with Stellenbosch Company for the 2013 Softball Tournament. Stellenbosch founder Tom Allen (Wake Forest) worked with local beer distributors to provide tourney participants with the amazing selection of beers  for 2013 the tournament. We’re looking forward to working with Tom and his group to make the 2014 season and tournament the best ever!

Stellenbosch Company partners with university alumni relations and communications officers to overcome the challenges of securing valuable sponsors for alumni media properties and events. We strive to learn our university partners' unique strategies for building alumni affinity and use this insight to identify, negotiate, and deliver the most appropriate sponsors for each partner's media properties without inhibiting university control of the media properties and events. Partnering with Stellenbosch allows alumni relations officers to focus their efforts on improving the content and quality of alumni media and events without the stress of securing sponsorships.

Stellenbosch is a great partner for any alumni club planning large events in the DC area. We encourage you to visit their website to find out more about potential partnerships for your alumni club.