Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Capital Alumni Network?

The Capital Alumni Network (CAN) is an all-volunteer organization composed of more than 250 Washington, D.C. based college and university alumni clubs.  Through a variety of scholarship, service, social and sporting events, CAN creates an environment in which alumni clubs can grow, network and thrive.

How can my chapter get involved?
CAN is constantly looking add new alumni clubs to its membership base. If your club is currently not involved in CAN, please ask your alumni club President to e-mail Brett Cooper for more information.

My Alma mater does not have an alumni club in Washington, D.C., can I still join CAN?
CAN is an organization designed to benefit alumni clubs as a whole. While we certainly welcome people from all colleges and universities to participate in our events, our main focus is on helping clubs grow and network. If you would like to get involved in our events and activities and an individual level, please register on our site, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter to receive the most up-to-date information about CAN events.

I am interested in starting an alumni club here in Washington, D.C.,  will CAN help us?
Yes! With more than 250 chapters and over 16 years of alumni club experience, CAN is more than happy to help alumni form new clubs in Washington, D.C.  We have several people within our organization who take on active leadership roles in their own clubs and would be more than willing to provide you and your club with help creating a Board, drafting bylaws, recruiting members, etc. Please email Brett Cooper for more information.