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2017 Softball Season

Please verify that your chapter president is accurate on the application form before applying!!!  If the person listed is no longer your chapter president please contact your chapter leadership to have it changed on the website and then apply.  By not doing this, it will slow down your application process.

*Please read the entire document before applying*

General Softball League Information:

Welcome to the 21st Season of CAN softball! We are excited to get underway with CAN's longest running sport and we hope to have a great league of alumni chapters this year. As in past years, we will play on the mall around the Washington Monument, Ohio Drive, and the Ellipse each night of the week, with additional fields potentially in Alexandria depending on the permit situation.  Games will still be starting at 6:30pm.  We are always exploring additional field space but if you know of any let us know.

Our all-volunteer co-ed league offers many great opportunities for alumni chapters to reach out to alumni in the DC area and help renew a connection to their alma mater. Schools will be encouraged to continue traditional rivalries and create new ones. All local alumni chapters already involved with CAN are welcome to apply for the season. The CAN Administrative team will review the applications based upon the guidelines spelled out below. Please note that meeting all of the guidelines does not guarantee a spot in the 2017 league as we will evaluate each application based on the strengths and weaknesses of what each team will bring to the league according to the space that we have available.

Important Dates and Info:

February 8 - Begin Applications

February 24 at 6pm - Applications Close

March 3 – Team and divisions announced

March 10 – Blackout dates/non-division opponent spreadsheet due.

March 22 – MANDATORY Coaches meeting – 7pm at the Crystal City Sports Pub (TENTATIVE)

Late March – early season schedule announced

April 10 – Season Begins

Mid-April – Complete Schedule Announced (once all permits have been identified)

July 26 – Season Ends

July 31 – Final Tourney Rosters due by 6pm

July 31 – Tournament invoices sent to coaches

August 2 – Post-season coaches meeting (7pm at CCSP)

August 4 – End of season party/seeding lottery

August 12, 13, 19, 20 (Goddard) – 21st CAN Softball tournament


* Some dates are subject to change.


The application is a 3 STEP PROCESS.  Please see the “Application Process” section for detail, but be sure each of the following have been completed by 6pm on February 24 in order for your application to be considered:

  1. Apply online (an automated email is sent to your chapter president, so make sure your president’s information is current)
  2.  Chapter president approves your application
  3. Once approved, an email with the payment link will be sent to the main coach to make payment


Chapter Consideration:

Priority will be given to chapters that have a proven track record of successfully completing seasons in softball. "Successfully completing" a season takes in to account fulfillment of all requirements for the season (games, meetings, and field saving), sportsmanship, compliance with CAN rules, and participation in the post-season tournament.

Secondary priority will be given to chapters that have a proven track record of successfully completing seasons in other CAN sports. "Successfully completing" a season takes in to account fulfillment of all requirements for the season (games, meetings, and field saving), sportsmanship, compliance with CAN rules, and participation in the post-season tournament.

All teams must have the full support of the alumni chapter Board they represent and the chapter president will be notified of the team’s application into the league and s/he will need to verify the chapter's ability to sustain a team through promotions on the chapter website, mailings, newsletter, etc.

Chapters that have consistently participated in CAN activities, attend monthly CAN meetings, and have shown a willingness to participate in events with other chapters will be given added consideration.

Chapters must be able to field a team of approximately 20 people as player participation will fluctuate during the summer (vacations, injuries, other commitments, etc.) History has shown that teams who have only the minimum number of players for each game do not succeed either competitively or socially.

While the only likely cost for the regular season is the $250 team fee defined below, all chapters are expected to have a full set of equipment (bases, strike mat, game balls, cones, etc.) for the team. Each school is also required to participate in the post-season tournament, which will have a fee per player (last year’s fee was $55/player).

Each team MUST be flexible for the nights of the week on which games will be played. It will be impossible for CAN to schedule all games for a particular team on one night of the week. Teams should also be prepared to play at least 5 games on weekends during the season (and with the current questionable permit situation, we encourage even more weekends!) Depending on the number of teams accepted this year, the minimum number of weekend games may increase. Details on the exact nature of scheduling this season will be sent to teams who are accepted in to the league.

Additionally, many of the game days this year may be dictated by the permit situation.

Team Requirements:


The alumni rules have been updated this year and all teams must have 75% alumni on the field at all times. Please read the specific rules for info on the changes here:  Capital Alumni Network League Wide Rules

Each team is expected to participate in the post-season tournament. The tournament dates this year are August 12, 13, 19. Teams should be prepared to have volunteers available to assist at the weekend tournament on both days to help distribute water/sports drinks, ice, pick up trash, and assist in collecting school supplies and whatever else is needed from the tournament committee.

Teams will be expected to complete the full season of 14 games and all their associated responsibilities.

While we are hopeful to receive a few permits for the field space around the Washington Monument this season, there still will not be enough permits for all of the games in the league this year. So teams will be expected to provide volunteers to save fields to complete the non-permitted schedule on weekdays during the season. We hope to have this responsibility evenly distributed between all teams. Field savers must be available to be at the monument grounds no later than 12pm on game days, although this time may change as we evaluate the field availability during the season.

Teams are required to have representatives attend all coaches' meetings, tournament planning meetings, and any other activity or requirement that is needed to run an all-volunteer league.

As previously mentioned, all teams will be required to have a full set of equipment for each game. A complete equipment list will be provided at the coaches meeting but will consist mainly of bases, game balls, a strike mat, cones, and bats for your team. The designated home team is required to have their equipment on game day unless the coaches work out a different arrangement. 

 Metered parking down around the Mall area is in effect until 10pm Monday – Saturday.  Parking will not be accepted as an excuse for forfeits.

Application Process:

The application process this year will consist primarily of an online form filled out by an applicant designated by the alumni chapter. A follow-up email will be sent to the chapter President to confirm knowledge and support of the softball team. All chapters submitting an application agree to the requirements of the league and acknowledge the responsibilities that are expected of the coaches and players. Do NOT partially fill out an application and expect to update it later.

 Teams will also be required to submit a $250 application fee this year with their applications. Once the chapter president approves of the application an email will then be sent to the designated coach regarding this payment (if you do not receive this email in the days following your application submission, I would suggest you contact your chapter president directly to move this process along).  This $250 fee will not go towards tournament costs.  As the cost of running the league has gone up, the need to supplement the individual tournament fees has been necessary.  For more information regarding field permits once teams are accepted information will be given.  Universities who are denied entry in to the league will have their team fee refunded. After being accepted into the league, any team that leaves the league after the schedule is completed either voluntarily or due to the three strike rule will not be refunded their team fee.

IF WE HAVE TO GET ADDITIONAL FIELDS IN ALEXANDRIA, THERE WILL LIKELY BE AROUND AN ADDITIONAL $150 FEE PER TEAM TO COVER THE COST OF FIELDS.  With the potential deal we are looking at, a significant number of games would be played in Alexandria. (This is not set yet – we are still trying to figure out what NPS/DPR is planning to do.)

 Please be aware that the application WILL close at 6pm on Friday, February 24th. Any application not fully completed with president approval and $250 team fee submitted will not be considered. Please allow some time for your chapter president to respond! DO NOT EXPECT TO SUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND HAVE ALL THE NECESSARY REQUIREMENTS COMPLETED!!!

In addition to the above dates, we are going to have several weekend dates at Goddard this year.  We will get back to you with those dates. As in years past teams may have double-header games and hopefully CAN will be able to pay for these fields so there no additional cost to you.  We will send out more information regarding the Goddard Dates once we finalize all teams accepted into the league.

If you have any more specific questions about the application process or the requirements/expectations for the teams please feel free to email Ashley Philips at  We hope to see many of you out on the field soon.


Ashley Philips, CAN Sports Chair

Daryl Kleist, CAN Sports Chair